dosa dosa kita yg berdiam……mohon doakan mereka

Warning: 18+, extremely graphic image, further evidence of Assad regime crimes against humanityHama: Among the massacres carried out by Bashar Al Assad’s force on Tuesday March 26th was the killing of a family of four, including nine-year-old Omar Mahmoud Saber, in Hama. The family were tortured, killed and dismembered by regime shabiha using machetes and knives.

Regime forces, supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guard troops, Hezbollah and Mahdi Army mercenaries, shabiha, and arms and funding from Tehran and Moscow, continued their massacres again today, using warplanes, helicopter warships, ballistic and surface-to-surface missiles, cluster bombs, phosphorous bombs, incendiary bombs, TNT-filled barrel bombs, tanks, rocket launchers, mortars, machine guns, machetes, knives, etc, as they do every day.
Meanwhile, the world leaders continued their talk again today, using flowery rhetoric and empty promises etc., as they do every day.

We will not apologise for showing you this harrowing image. The ‘international community’ and the world’s ‘humantarians’ should apologise to Syrians for their abandonment of a people to a genocidal regime. Shame on the world.

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