One of the countless stories of torture in the Assad prisons.
Told by a young Syrian Lady.

I received a summon for questioning, I was too afraid to go there, but I eventually answered the call. 
I was placed in the third floor UNDERGROUND. in a security branch .in the heart of the Capital Damascus 
For three days they put me in a lonely cell, all alone, bare feet and eyes closed. When they begin the questioning, they put em to my knees, where I don’t even know from where the next hit, slap or kick would come. Not to mention the amount of bad insults I have heard there.
After that, I was put in a cell with 25 other young women, they varied between 16 and 18 years old. These young ladies were full of power, their faith over powered their capture.
Of the horrible days there during my questioning, they brought a young man and put him on the floor in front of me, removed the blindfold off my eyes, and tortured him to death right in front of my eyes.
Another night of terror I would never forget, was when they brought a young man to out cell, and hit him so brutally he bled, and then gave him an injection, and took him away to the next room, where we heard him being sexually abused and raped by a 
security old man. His voice was unbearable!
From my place in the cell, I was able to get a glimpse of a young man, he was tortured each and every night, and would keep saying “Allah Akbar” in a faint voice. When we stopped hearing these words, we knew he died.

This is a very short summery of my stay in a cellar for only 10 days.
I just want to tell you, that the girls and ladies of Syria, are strong and tough. and are standing tall in this revolution.

From Any Eyewitness

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