We are gathering ourselves in Darayya today. There are no Syrian army here and some of the roads are open. The siege on Darayya is more at ease today. We are taking the wounded people to the hospitals, but we are still finding bodies.

We found eight bodies today at a basement near al-Sharya secondary school, between Darayya and Mouadamiya district. People in each building are checking the basements to find out whether there are bodies or not. In some of the deserted buildings they tracked down bodies from the smell coming out.

After the conversation we had last Friday, we were raided twice – first by the Syrian army, which was combing the district and then by death squads from the shabiha. Many alleys in Darayya were raided two or three times.

When they were coming closer I left the house with my cousin. As we were fleeing – about 500 of us – we saw a body in the street near Musa’ab Ben Umair mosque. We tried to pull it out but the shooting was getting heavy so we left it and ran away.

My mother told me the Syrian army stormed our house and wanted to take my brother but my mother begged them to leave him. They told my mother they wanted my brother because they had seen him on the roof watching them and they thought he looked like one of the FSA.

The Syrian army, according to my mother, were arguing among themselves. Some of them were saying he was the man they suspected; others said no, he was not. Many people in our neighbourhood were killed – executed.

I myself have not seen the execution of any man, but I’m pretty sure they are [a mixture of] civilians and FSA.

One of the women, a relative of my mother’s, was yelling at the Syrian army and shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they were detaining her husband. She was taken, too, and until now we have not heard from either of them.

When the Syrian army was leaving any alley, people would start to search for the bodies. The Syrian army stayed in Darayya for two days and a half. We gathered a few bodies in Abu Sulaiman al-Darani mosque to enable the families to identify them. Some of the bodies were buried immediately.

The total number in Darayya so far is 400 bodies. The number of bodies buried unidentified is more than 100.

One of the massacre survivors told me that when the Syrian army stormed their alley, they put more than 50 people up against the wall. As they began spraying them with bullets, he threw himself to the floor. He was covered with blood though he was not shot. He pretended that he was dead. Four of his family were killed.

Two tanks and a few members of the Syrian army broke into Darayya two hours ago. Shabiha are in the headquarters of the Red Crescent and are distributing foodstuffs among the people.

The Syrian army were looking for specific families who were well known for being in support of the revolution. More than 22 people belonging to the Saqa family were killed; the al-Abar family lost more then 25 members.

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