Give it to your woman, it’s her job”.

13 Rabi’ul Akhir 1433 H | 7 March 2012
Harakahdaily :  


Outrage over sexist washing instruction on trouser’s label


Yahoo! News, 07 March 2012


LONDON, Mar 7: Trousers being sold by a British clothing store have sparked online outrage over their washing instructions that many claim are “sexist” and “below the belt”.

Daily Telegraph journalist Emma Barnett said she was furious when she discovered the washing instructions on her boyfriend’s beige chinos purchased from the Madhouse flagshop last month.

The care instructions were the usual “Machine wash warm. Inside out with like colors….Tumble dry medium” but also included an optional “Give it to your woman, it’s her job”.

Barnett posted the picture to her Twitter and within a short span of time, it was flooded with angry comments from users.

People vented their disgust toward the retailer using “#SexistTrousers” and vowing to never shop at the store again.

“Lately I can’t tell which decade I’m living in. What brand are those trousers?! I can only assume that’s a joke,” a female user tweeted.

However, other users dismissed it as a joke. “Some people are so sensitive. It’s a JOKE. And a great stunt,” wrote one.

Madhouse is a UK-based chain of discount men’s clothing stores.
In reply to the Daily Telegraph story, a Madhouse spokesman said: “The chinos in question are manufactured by a jeans brand that we stock but the care instructions on this product were not proofed by our buyers who normally concern themselves with quality, style and price of the products they order. The first Madhouse was aware of the care instruction on this product was today”.


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