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  • Kyle Frisken So Gary, are you saying that an Westerners life is worth more then an Iraqi’s simply because of the country they are born in? That is ridiculous, we are all human and NO ONE is more important then another. You say exactly what the Canadian and American patriotic propaganda machine wants you to believe.

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  • Gary Desjardins those fighting for an islamic theocracy caused 95 % of the casualties

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  • Radana Cai Rusnell dislike.

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  • Duncan McGillivray It’s easy to criticize the us, and we do enjoy that freedom. Just don’t think that al-Qaeda are the good guys. They are not nice people, and given a chance would do some real damage to us. I’ll take America over al-Qaeda any day.

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  • Justin Blair Hahaha this graph is so skewed! It doesn’t show who caused the casualties. It doesn’t show which ones were caused by the opposing forces in Iraq or Iran. It’s trying to brainwash us. Most of the casualties were caused by roadside IED’s and martyrs. They caused most of the casualties, so guerrilla terrorists injured their own, not the Americans injuring the Iraqi civilians.

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  • Radana Cai Rusnell but justin, casualties are casualties, people are still dying because of other peoples angers. It’s not right and nobody should be dying in the first place. And you are right, its a two way street, its all parties involved that are doing the killings. Thats probably what this picture is portraying – the fact that there is so much death in the first place needs to be brought to attention.

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  • Tas Neem

    i am a moslim,,,i have christian friends,,,actually they are close friends,,,i even have jewish friends! i hate to see christian, jewish,,,,etc being killed as well as i hate to see muslims being killed,,According to God in our Quraan(Holly…See more
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  • Trevor Shishkin There was a tragic and senseless loss of life on 9/11; unfortunately, the lack of sense and tragedy continued on an exponential scale afterwards. As a people, we must vehemently and emphatically reject those who turn ‘the other’ into ‘the enemy’, and waste our finite resources on a vain attempt to satisfy the insatiable appetite of a military-death machine.

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  • Ryan James Henderson That’s a weird chart. It somehow makes the American success less complete. Oh well. Good thing they told us they won.

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  • Trevor Shishkin This mission has been accomplished since 2003, remember?

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  • Ryan James Henderson Yeah. Must be a lot of suicides over there lately.

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  • Scott Elmer

    I heard a quote from somewhere that Osoma Bin Ladin’s ultimate goal was not to strike fear and chaos (which was the biproduct) into the western societies, but to bankrupt the USA through an expensive war campaign. Religion was used to cont…See more
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  • Gino Cicarelli Does Harper fully represent your thoughts and beliefs of how Canada should be? Or, can we not judge CNDs based on Canadian politics?

    The only way to change someone is with open arms, not military arms.

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  • Turning the Tide If you want a relatively short and very informative history of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism as well as neo-conservatism, give this excellent 3-part documentary entitled “The Power of Nightmares” by Adam Curtis a watch. I guarantee that you will not see the war on terror or the politics of the Middle East in the same way when you are done.

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  • Ryan James Henderson Yeah, you can totally judge us on our politics. Probably a better outcome than if you judged me as a person!

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  • Kali Readwin Skauge The amount of ignorance in this comment thread is appalling. 😦

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  • Michael Gorhckmn I WANT SOURCES. Anyone can post shocking data but without a reliable, verifiable reference to back it up, it’s useless.

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  • Tyler Cantwell John Miranda, you’re an idiot. Don’t let the small group of the Taliban represent all Muslims for you. I’m so ashamed to be from North America; Abundance of ignorance.

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  • Brian Cohen What is so controversial about this claim? 90% of the victims of war are usually civilians. (Mostly women and children) Pick a war and check the casualties.

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  • Tyler Cantwell

    Gary Wellington, you’re also an idiot. Duncan, no one is saying Al-Qaeda are the good guys, and don’t be so naive to think there are such things as good guys and bad guys in this world. No one is objective and everyone is subjective to th…See more
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  • Chance Skauge

    Extremists on either side are the problem. Whether you’re using the bodies of the dead to kill US, Canadian, English, Norwegian, German, Australian or other NATO personnel or you’re organizing the burning of Korans in some small town in the…See more
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  • Tyler Cantwell

    Brian, whats controversial here is that the US sold this war to the public as a “liberation of the Iraqi people” They aren’t doing a very good job liberating them when they’re murdering them (but I guess that’s because that isn’t REALLY why…See more
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  • Tyler Cantwell And Chance, I agree with most of that; Except for that ‘never forgive’ you had to add.

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  • Turning the Tide

    I just want to request that folks on all sides of the debate refrain from name-calling. This is an important discussion and I know that I generally shut down and don’t listen to an opposing view when the person I am discussing with calls m…See more
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  • Janelle Denault Tyler, calling people “idiots” is the most inefficient way to prove a point. Its called an opinion, and every person is entitled to have one. At least these people take the time to reflect on current situations…

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  • Turning the Tide And Chance, “never forget and never forgive” what? 9/11? In this graph, the vast majority of the casualties are Iraqi, a group of people with no credible links to 9/11.

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  • Peter McClure Saying that Al Qeada represents Islam is like saying the KKK represents Christianity.

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  • Brandon Lisitza what about actual iraq and afghanistan insurgent casualties? As in taliban and al qeida fighters. those dont count as civilians

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  • Andre Artiga If you are asleep, it is time for you to wake. There is a great calling. Come sing and dance as you must break free from the shackles of oppression. Take not the pill of fear that the brute will feed you with their trickery, but be wise and trust the wind that will carry you for an eternity. Remember who you are. Remember…

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  • Chance Skauge

    Don’t forget the rape rooms, the political oppression, the genocide of the Kurds, the torture centers, the mass graves of those who rose up against a man who very openly stated that he looked up to Josef Stalin. Don’t forgive the old Ba’ath…See more
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  • Tyler Cantwell You’re right Janelle, everyone does have their opinion even though I may not agree with them. Some things really make me lose my temper though.

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  • Janelle Denault Amen to that, its frustrating for sure..

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  • Marlise Rosteski perhaps If the greedy american government didnt feel the need to have their hands in every other countries resources none of this would have happened in the first place.

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  • David D’Eon I think there is a lot of good points here, muddled into the mess of – let’s face it – racism. I agree sources would be nice, but I also have faith in Turning the Tide to not post garbage. I’m not going to lie though, I find it hard to define my opinion, because it seems like I only ever get the two extreme views. I’d say I very much lean left, but I crave an impartial opinion.

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  • Turning the Tide There could be no more appropriate article for this discussion than this one published by John Pilger, published last week. Please give this a read.

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  • Corey T Dovidija People die, meh.

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  • Flik Kiroro Acez The republican keep saying that’s democracy?

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    Doug Brown How many of those casualties were caused by US troops? They were killing each other before the war started/US arrived and are still killing each other today.

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  • Chance Skauge There was tribal infighting before the US invasion in the nineties. There’s still tribal infighting. There will be tribal infighting for the foreseeable future.

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  • Ralph Westera ‎..
    The State is the only Terrorist.

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  • Ralph Westera ‎..
    Your Government lies.

    Half of those soldiers returning will commit suicide when they return. One in three of them are poisoned with depleted uranium. Tens of millions more, over generations, will continue to die of residual poisoning there.

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  • Brady Andrew Gratton Y’all should know that not every Iraqi citizen is Al Qaeda, just saying.

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  • Chance Skauge Tens of millions? Your stats are pretty skewed there Ralphie boy.

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  • Julian Moxley-Kelly half of you are jingoistic lunatics it seems… that is all

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  • Turning the Tide I am just curious how many of you folks who are posting here are customers of Turning the Tide? If you are, would you mind sharing what you are reading when you come to shop at our store? If you haven’t been customers at Turning the Tide, what draws you to this page for discussion? No judgement here, just curious.

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  • Chance Skauge My sister in law shared this, and I got drawn into it. I’ve never been to your bookstore but it seems like a groovy place

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  • Max Cool Google Al Qaeda + CIA and all will become clearer

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  • Ralph Westera ‎..
    And Canadian nazis did exactly the same thing in Libya on behalf of a bunch of corrupt banks and oil companies. 100,000-150,000 civilian casualties from thousands of carpet bombing runs and missile strikes to protect so-called civilian ‘airspace’.

    Canada and the Anglo-American-NATO cartel are a pack of cheap and disgusting war criminals.

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Fast fashion retailers often get accused of stealing other designers’ work, but this case is a bit different. H&M is being accused of stealing an original design from the work of a East Atlanta-based artist, Tori LaConsay. Tori emailed Regretsy to point out that a sign she had painted in 2008 as a love letter to her “tight-knit” neighborhood was swiped by H&M and subsequently used on things like bath towels and door mats. The items in question were sold on the UK’s H&M site (see above), but we don’t see them there now, not surprisingly.

LaConsay wrote to complain to H&M and got he following response from a customer service rep: “We employ an independent team of over 100 designers. We can assure you that this design has not been influenced by your work and that no copyright has been infringed.” After that, she sent her tale to Regretsy and H&M has now responded to the controversy via social media.

Regretsy took this screen shot of one of H&M’s replies to readers’ comments, which have been numerous:

H&M has since been pretty conciliatory, posting on their Twitter and Facebook pages the following message last night:

We are looking into the situation concerning the issues many of you have raised and will contact Tori LaConsay directly for further dialogue.

And now this morning:

We are very sorry for our customer service team´s reply, it is very unfortunate and we apologize for it. We are in contact with Tori LaConsay and will continue the dialogue with her directly.

So it sounds like H&M did some poking around since that first email to LaConsay–we suspect some heads may be rolling in their design department soon. We’ve reached out to H&M for comment and they’ve given us the same statement they issued on Twitter. We’ll update here as this story continues to unfold.


Microsoft PowerPoint – Bahan menarik untuk pelajar baru

Microsoft PowerPoint – Bahan menarik untuk pelajar baru

HOLLYWOOD star Liam Neeson is considering giving up his Catholic belief and becoming a Muslim

Liam Neeson: I may become a Muslim

Catholic movie star is thinking about changing faith


Published: Today


The actor, 59, admitted Islamic prayer “got into his spirit” while filming in Turkish city Istanbul.

He said: “The Call to Prayer happens five times a day and for the first week it drives you crazy, and then it just gets into your spirit and it’s the most beautiful, beautiful thing.

“There are 4,000 mosques in the city. Some are just stunning and it really makes me think about becoming a Muslim.”

Liam was raised in Northern Ireland as a devout Catholic and altar boy and was named after the local priest.

But the star — whose wife Natasha Richardson died aged 45 in a skiing accident in 2009 — has spoken about challenges to his faith.

He said: “I was reared a Catholic but I think every day we ask ourselves, not consciously, what are we doing on this planet? What’s it all about?

“I’m constantly reading books on God or the absence of God and atheism.”

Liam was criticised in 2010 after claiming Narnia lion Aslan — voiced by him in the movies — is not based on Christ as CS Lewis had claimed but in fact all spiritual leaders including Mohammed.

His latest film The Grey, about an oil drilling team who crash in freezing Alaska, is released in the UK on Friday.

Kisah Rasulullah Dan Buah Limau

Suatu hari Rasulullah SAW didatangi oleh seorang wanita kafir. Ketika itu baginda bersama beberapa orang sahabat. Wanita itu membawa beberapa biji buah limau sebagai hadiah untuk baginda. Cantik sungguh buahnya. Siapa yang melihat pasti terliur. Baginda menerimanya dengan senyuman gembira. Hadiah itu dimakan oleh Rasulullah SAW seulas demi seulas dengan tersenyum.

Biasanya Rasulullah SAW akan makan bersama para sahabat, namun kali ini tidak. Tidak seulas pun limau itu diberikan kepada mereka. Rasulullah SAW terus makan. Setiap kali dengan senyuman, hinggalah habis semua limau itu. Kemudian wanita itu meminta diri untuk pulang, diiringi ucapan terima kasih dari baginda. Sahabat-sahabat agak hairan dengan sikap Rasulullah SAW itu.

Lalu mereka bertanya. Dengan tersenyum Rasulullah SAW menjelaskan “Tahukah kamu, sebenarnya buah limau itu terlalu masam semasa saya merasainya kali pertama. Kiranya kalian turut makan bersama, saya bimbang ada di antara kalian yang akan mengenyetkan mata atau memarahi wanita tersebut. Saya bimbang hatinya akan tersinggung. Sebab tu saya habiskan semuanya.”

Begitulah akhlak Rasulullah SAW. Baginda tidak akan memperkecil-kecilkan pemberian seseorang biarpun benda yang tidak baik, dan dari orang bukan Islam pula. Wanita kafir itu pulang dengan hati yang kecewa. Mengapa? Sebenarnya dia bertujuan ingin mempermain-mainkan Rasulullah SAW dan para sahabat baginda dengan hadiah limau masam itu.
Malangnya tidak berjaya. Rancangannya di’tewas’kan oleh akhlak mulia Rasulullah SAW.

Apakah jenis-jenis penyakit yang boleh disebabkan oleh Makhluk Halus?

Posted on the January 24th, 2012 under Agama by admin


Saya pernah membaca dalam beberapa penulisan termasuk penjelasan yang ustaz telah berikan dalam Harakah yang lepas bahawa makhluk halus (jin, syaitan dsbnya). Bolehkah ustaz jelaskan apakah jenis-jenis penyakit boleh dilakukan oleh makhluk ini kepada manusia?

Jawapan dari Tuan Guru Dato’ Dr. Haron Din

Berdasarkan kepada nas-nas yang sahih khususnya dalam al-Quran dan sunnah Nabawiyyah, bahawa Allah SWT memperincikan bahawa makhluk halus seperti jin, ifrit dsbnya, dalam keadaan tertentu boleh memberikan berbagai penyakit ke atas anak Adam.





Di antara penyakit itu disebut dalam Surah al-Baqarah ayat 102 (mafhumnya), “Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang memakan riba’ tidak dibangunkan pada Hari Kiamat melainkan dalam keadaan seperti orang yang telah rasuk oleh syaitan daripada sentuhan yang membawa kepada kecelakaan.”

Istilah yang Allah digunakan dalam ayat tersebut ialah ‘attkhabbut’ yang bermakna dipukul dengan kuat atau dicederakannya.

Surah al-A’raf ayat 201, Allah menggunakan perkataan ‘almass’ yang diantara maksudnya, “Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang taqwa itu apabila mereka diganggu oleh syaitan dengan ‘mass’, sentuhan yang boleh membawa kepada kehilangan akal oleh jin-jin yang berkeliaran. Mereka segera ingat kepada Allah SWT, lalu mereka dapat pulih.”

Surah al-Mujadalah ayat 19, Allah menggunakan perkataan ‘istihwaaz’, maksudnya syaitan boleh menguasai dan mengalahkan manusia sehingga mereka tidak sedarkan diri atau lupakan segalanya.

Surah al-A’raf ayat 300, syaitan boleh mengenakan kepada manusia ‘annazghu’ atau menipu dan menghasut untuk melakukan kejahatan. Ertinya golongan syaitan boleh menipu dan menghasut manusia sehingga kepada membunuh.

Surah as-Saad ayat 41, syaitan boleh mengenakan ‘annasad’ dalam ayat ini yang mafhumnya, “Dan ingatlah peristiwa hamba kami Ayub a.s, ketika ia bermunajat kepada Allah dengan mengadu katanya, ‘sesungguhnya saya ya Allah, dikenakan oleh syaitan dengan ‘nusghin wa azab’.” Nasad yang membawa makna penat atau lebih yang amat sangat.

Jelas bahawa kepenatan, keletihan, kesusahan dan azab sengsara boleh dilakukan oleh makhluk ini berdasarkan ayat-ayat yang saya sebutkan.

Dalam sunnah yang sahih, disebut bahawa syaitan dan suku sakatnya boleh menyebabkan manusia menjadi gila. Hadis yang diriwayatkan oleh Muslim, dikisahkan tentang seorang anak muda yang baru berkahwin sempena dengan Peperangan Ahzab. Beliau menyertai Rasulullah s.a.w mengorek parit di waktu tengahari, beliau memohon izin kepada Rasullah untuk pulang. Rasulullah keberatan mengizinkan. Namun atas desakannya lalu dibenarkan. Bagaimanapun Rasullullah mengingatkan kepada pemuda tersebut supaya membawa senjata. Apabila sampai di rumah beliau dapati isterinya berada di luar rumah. Lalu dilihat dalam rumahnya ada ulat hitam yang besar. Pemuda ini terus menusuk tombaknya kepada ular tersebut. Lalu ular itu menggelupur, tapi dalam waktu yang sama pemuda itu turut menggelupur. Akhirnya ular itu mati dan pemuda pun mati juga. Apabila peristiwa ini dimaklumkan kepada Rasulullah, lalu baginda menyebut itu (ular) adalah jin. (Sahih Mulim, Juzuk ke 4 hadis 1756).

Suatu peristiwa lain, Yaa’li bin Murrah menceritakan dari bapanya, bahawa suatu ketika seorang perempuan telah membawa anaknya yang berpenyakit ‘lammam’ (akal yang bercelaru atau gila). Rasullah s.a.w merawatnya dengan membaca sesuatu, lalu baginda menepuk belakangnya dan pemuda itu termuntah lalu keluarlah objek kehitam-hitaman berlari keluar dan terus hilang, lalu pemuda ini kembali siuman seperti biasa. Hadis ini terdapat dalam Musnah Imam Ahmad.

Inilah di antara sebahagian penyakit yang boleh dicetuskan syaitan ke atas manusia.